Drowned in Sound

Lowry single Review
Some bands are overlooked by the masses through lack of promotion, lack of talent or just plain bad luck... I am on a mission to ensure this doesn't happen to West London 's One Unique Signal ! This debut, 'Lowry' , was released last Autumn to no acclaim and little publicity, but after seeing this animal live supporting the pAper chAse I feel that a bit of a retro review is required for these guys.

The lead track comes on like a heavy slab of instrumental math-rock drawing from the likes of Biblical Proof Of UFOs, Shellac or the louder tracks by new pretenders such as Ship's A Goin Down , yet it's not immediatly comparable to any of them (oh, and they have vocals!).

Drummer Lee is also the singer and he is damn fine at both. The guitar hooks are pounding and persistent and the band's ascending/descending vocals are something to behold.

As debut singles recorded on a budget go, this is pure gold and a much promising future beckons for this band. Signed up to Genepool (the label that also houses The Fades ), the band have the ability to achieve amazing things. If they don't, it will not be through lack of trying!

To get hold of the single, drop a mail to the guys via their website and tell them DiS sent you.

Indigo Flow

Rating: 3/5
One Unique Signal remind me a bit of No Means No, though there are a number of differences. While One Unique Signal are more upbeat (though they are far from upbeat by normal standards) and metallic than No Means No, the spoken word element is similar. In the OUS line up, the roles appear to be that one member does the brooding spoken part and another shouts some words occasionally. They claim to lean towards krautrock; make of that what you will.
- (AM)

Britpop Arsenal
Bewertung: 5/10
Die Band wurde Anfang 2001 im Londoner Westen gegründet und von den Mitgliedern als eine Art Abenteuer angesehen, da man von vornherein keinen Erfolg erwartete. Nach vielen kleinen Konzerten und steigender Beliebtheit beim Londoner Publikum definierte das Quartett die Bandziele neu. Man darf gespannt sein, was die Zukunft den Briten und ihrer Musik, einem Mix aus Joy Divison und Krautrock, bringen wird. Recht interessant hört sich die ganze Sache auf jeden Fall schon einmal an.

- Toni

Black Sheep Online
Live Review of Croydon 20/09/03

Headliners One Unique Signal hold a sound that portentous mainstream critics would probably class as a 'wave of noise'. Fronted by the drummer, all attention is inverted on stage and in song (they create a vibe that the vocals and songs are moulded around the drums) and so it is very hard to not drift your attention to the back. It certainly doesn't help as all other members are, for the majority, also facing said drummer.

All songs are carried by a dominant and murderous guitar line as the singing latches onto one note and hangs there, unless it springs into sudden fits of shouting or rhythmic talking. But unfortunately, due to the loud and full-on drums, the microphone was lower than what it should have been and so the vocals were lacking and any chance of catching some lyrics was out of the question.

A certain air of a far more disturbed Interpol and Joy Division-esque vocal technique pop their head up in between broken guitar sounds and what is obviously honest and good music. But the apparent lack in a few vital areas (stage presence, vocals, catches, melodies) means that the drummer/ vocalist becomes all-powerful. It is something so fuck-off-sized that everyone will comment on this first, though the problem isn't the fact that the drummer is the centre of attention, it's just there is nothing else so influential and this effects the quality all-round.

There was no option of indifference - it was either enjoyable or not. And it should've been complimented with free weed from the behind the bar.