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Dismemberment EP

1 - Dismemberment
2 - Bishops
3 - Hackeyed

Download RAR file 26.6mb

This is available as a free download in RAR format which include 256kbs MP3s plus artwork and information.

If redistributing please include artwork and information. Also available on CD, please email us if you want one.

Recorded by Jason Carty at Redberry Studios Dec 23 2007.
Mixed by Wayne Pennell and OUS January 2008.

Lowry single

1 - Lowry
mp3 7.9mb / RealAudio

2 - Coins and Cards

mp3 6.9mb / RealAudio

Alternate recordings to demo.

Debut single released in August 2003 through London 's Genepool Records'.

We spent a day recording it with Wayne Pennell & Dan Horne in Hounslow with Khyam Allami kindly letting us use his drums. Mixing & mastering was again kept in the family with Dan taking more time out of his own projects to get the job done.

Raised demo

1 - Raised
mp3 8.2MB / RealAudio

2 - Lowry

mp3 7MB / RealAudio

3 - Coins and Cards

mp3 7.8MB / RealAudio

These 3 tracks are from the first recording session we undertook in December 2001. They were used as freebies for friends & people who bothered to speak to us after gigs.

All were recorded live at rehearsals with the odd sly vocal overdub just to tidy it up. Once again, Wayne & Dan are the heroes here, with our very own Ed Harding hand-making the sleeves.

Very few remain & they are so attractive, frankly we're holding onto them.