We formed in West London at the start of 2001 as a part time venture. Nick had begun a new project a year or so after leaving the now defunct ‘Ursa' (at the first rehearsal no less!) with the now Drummer of ‘Silent Front' Dean Knight.

After searching around for a Drummer (Dean was then on Guitar) they stumbled across Lee Barber who had recently moved up to London from Devon. Various Bass players passed through the band in the early stages before a friend came up trumps with James, fresh from University & with a whole lot of time on his hands.

The Four of us gigged twice under the name ‘Windham Chikarah' before a big strop resulted in the departure of Dean (not his fault I must add) to calmer waters in the shape of Silent Front. Ed Harding eventually filled the vacant post completing today's line up.

We can best describe our sound as loud guitar music that looks lovingly at the Krautrock masters of the past whilst at the same time sounding nothing like them. We aim for the glorious repetition that can be heard in the works of ‘Can' and ‘Joy Division' and the late 80s early 90s wall of noise Buzz fest of ‘the Telescopes' and ‘MBV'.

Despite our rather sparse looking gig history we have played in the region of around 50 shows with some glorious bands, some of whom can be checked out via our links section.

A mini album is planned for late summer 2004 to sit alongside our debut single ‘Lowry' which was released August this year courtesy of Genepool Records.